Did your forget what document you used when you made your application or the password that was provided to you at that time?

    You must enter your identification number to recover your password. If you have any questions about this process you can send an email to ingresso@upt.pt, or call the number +351 225 572 222 / 23.

    1. If you do not know which identification document you used, you will have to send an email message to ingresso@upt.pt indicating this.
    2. After entering your identification number, click the button below to receive your password by e-mail. When you receive this information please go back to the homepage to start your application process.

    For security reasons, if we don't have a valid email address on file, you will not be able to recover your password through this process. For the same reason, we cannot disclose to which email address your password will be sent. In these cases, please send an email to ingresso@upt.pt indicating the fact that an automatic password recovery was not possible.